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My mission:

I am dedicated to you and the health of your horse. I work in cooperation with all parties interested in the equine industry such as: owners, buyers, sellers, trainers, jockeys, riders, vets, farriers, saddle fitters, equine acupuncturists, massage therapists and chiropractors, barn managers.

Peter W. Bennett, Owner
Equine Thermography LLC
Certified Thermographer No. 7406
Authorized Technician

A qualitative thermographic scan by a certified thermographer can detect health issues associated with lameness, injuries and conditions that will affect the performance and health of your horse, two-six weeks in advance.

“At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where there were millions of dollars worth of equipment available to the equestrian teams, the most-requested diagnostic tool was thermography. It was fast. It was portable and it was non-invasive. It could detect injury sites before they became lameness problems, and could guide practitioners to specific anatomic areas for study using other diagnostic techniques. And it was extremely accurate when used by an experienced practitioner.” - The Horse, Oct 2001.

So Why Haven't You Used
Infrared for the Wellness of Your Horses?

What is infrared thermal imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging is the art and science of detecting, displaying and documenting thermal patterns across the surface of the camera's target.  The highly sensitive FLIR T-400 camera, used by trained and certified thermograher Peter Bennett, detects infrared waves which are invisible to the un-aided/naked eye. The camera detects hot and cold skin surface temperatures and then converts them into visible colors.  This is the key component as the asymmetrical thermal patterns of the horse, which typically indicate health issues, can then be reviewed by our vet.  The report is then sent to your vet, farrier, etc.
Note:  a qualitative thermographic scan and report should only be conducted by a certified thermographer and authorized technician.  The report should only interpreted by a veterinarian.

Benefits of
Equine Thermography
and What it can Detect

  • General Diagnostics - early detection equals early prevention
  • On Site and anytime of the year - no trailering required
  • Pre/Post Treatment monitoring - see the effects with an infrared image
  • Pre-Purchase - what your are getting for your investment
  • Pre-Sale - get more for your money
  • Hoof Balancing - see what your horse is feeling
  • Saddle Fit and Rider Evaluation -rocking/bridging
  • Abscess, laminitis
  • Start a Baseline with your sound horse
  • Pre-Event - sound for competition
  • Post-Event - why was your horse "Off"
  • Muscle Injury and Atrophy
  • Track Footing
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Vascular patterning and circulatory changes
  • Tendons, ligaments, nerve damage

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A Team Effort for 
The Health of Your Horse 

An infrared scan can work in concert with your breeder, veterinarian, farrier, saddle fitter, and trainer.

In fact, EquineIR™ has partnered with the Equine Thermal Imaging Institute (ETII) (, whose management is made up of licensed veterinarians, a seasoned trainer and a world-class farrier, with a combined experience of over 130 years. ETII will provide technical direction on the training courses and expert interpretations through the Network. aligns EquineIR™ Authorized Technician, Peter W. Bennett with veterinarians specializing in infrared thermography of horses to create detailed, graphic medical evaluations so you and your horse can benefit. 

Our vet, Joanna Robson, DVM, CVSMT, CMP, CVA, SFT of Inspiritus Equine, Inc., recently published her paper about infrared and the equine industry.  You can click here to download and review it.

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